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when me and Kip first got into Graffiti back in 2000 there was pretty much only one writer in our city – Crazy Bob, now known as Keos one.. the mother fucker was so up… a real heavy tagger, back then there wasn’t one bus in haifa without his tags all over the walls.. later we discovered he went to the same highschool we did, and that he was crazy also in real life.. we started painting together and joined his crew NRC, one of the first graff crews in Israel and the only one that is still active from that time.. he pretty much thought us all the basic shit about graffiti, a knowledge that was hard to get in Israel back then.. so big up Keos, keep bombing and stay crazy and original..















-a wall we did in downtown Haifa before we went to cambodia, with Seth from Paris…. we were really happy to see the city didn’t buff it yet and it’s still there… pictures by Matan Sivan
















the haifa port



Pictures from “Vadi Niceness”. the exhibition will stay at the Helena Rubinstein pavilion for the next 4 months, so if youre in TelAviv go check it out, it looks better in real life..

Thanx a lot to our man Pitchon for the great pics, to Young Bloods crew for helping at the studio,to Gee for the name, and to mr. Gabi and the Pyramid family.




Graffiti Camp

Last month we went to Bat-Yam for three days of sun, sweat and paint in a new gallery on the beach. we worked there with Foma, Know Hope, Zero Cents and Klone for the gallery opening with the exhibition ”Built to Last”. Thanx to Raz for organizing the whole thing, and to Shmuel for the pics. (they allready painted  the walls white so don’t bother go there..)