Getting ready for the London launch ! Lots of new exiting products, We have 400 copies from the new zine + some very limited surprises that will be available only for the opening!  Starting at 6:30pm. MORE INFO

Big Thanks to Hato press for the amazing printing job!!



Krakow צעבראכן פינגער

We just finished a new wall in Krakow.. We’ve been invited by The Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow to paint in the middle of what used to be the jewish area before the war.. We decided to do a tribute to Moshe Lilien, one of our all time favourite artists, who lived in Poland more then hundred years ago..  Big thanks to all the guys from the festival – we had an amazing time!

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GHOSTBUZZ is a new digital player, now available as a pop-up player at the Ghostown website, streaming exclusive mixtapes by DJs and musicians we like!

The first GHOSTBUZZ guest is DJ CENCE: a talented kid from Haifa city, producer, DJ and regular appearance at Ghostown parties, CENCE has put together a future-galactic mixtape for GHOSTBUZZ.
Click on BUZZ here!