-homeboy Pilpeled is chilling in Basel for the last few weeks, painting and smoking weed that you can’t find in the middle east.. he made this nice video. mr. Cohen is responsible for the beat..


Tant usually doesn’t talk, but he took some time to answer some questions about painting, friendship, Yoga and drugs.. click here to read the interview.

MAKOM EINSOFI מקום אינסופי

“MAKOM ENSOFI” album art by me and Tant for Roee Nachum. we worked on this one on and off for almost a year… the process was really long but interesting  since Roee was really dedicated to it, and was very open minded about the art. here it is-

Capoeira Angola Israel

the Capoeira Angola center operates in Haifa city since 2007
apart from its main activities revolving capoeira, we also conduct cultural events from all sorts.
this time we have chosen to have a Group Art exhibition,
with Capoeira lyrics as its theme.
from all of the Capoeira’s components, one might say that music is the soul of the art.
it is the music that connects the practitioners to a common experience out of the ordinary
with the songs the character of each moment born in the Roda, traditional Capoeira ring, is amplified

each artist has chosen a song as a reference
and the paintings are made on Cabasas
(gourd used for the berimbau -the capoeira instrument)

opening night will take place at the Capoeira Angola center, Haifa



Roda de Capoeira Angola

LIVE JAM  – – 3421 // easy rider sound // guests

entrance- 30 nis
all revenue dedicated to the promotion of Capoeira Angola in Israel

here are some more works i did for the center:

ya avi gail is dustin

- i just got a package from germany that made me happy, our brothers Sergent Dennis just dropped their new split cassette with Idiot savant. i illustrated the cover for them. great people that makes great music. check their evil songs here – 666


sexy germans:


– and here’s a new silk screen print i printed yesterday-


i continue to ruin my friend’s legs, i did this one on Tant-

אף אף אף אף אף אף שלי מפוצץ בחגיגת