the book is sold out!

the second addition of our new book is also sold out! thanx for every one who ordered and supported..we’re sorry if you waited too long for your package, we’re new with all this shipping thing and doing it by ourselves, but we’re starting to get it right…  we’re gonna print another addition soon so there will be another chance to get it if you missed this one… thanx! the fingaz


חזרנו עכשיו מהביקור היומי אצל אום שאקר, מקדיש לה את השיר הזה. באסה שאלפרברוס מאה אחוז כותנה כבר לא עושה ראפ, אחד האמסיז המגניבים שהיו פה…


i keep bumping into this band because their name shows up when you type “Broken”, and every time i hear them it makes me lose more hope in humanity.. it’s pretty much a mix of everything i hate about our generation..


Three happy announcements!

first one – we finally opened our online shop ! it took us way too long but we hope its worth it.. big up to all the people who hit us up with emails asking when we’ll drop the shop. we appreciate the patience..  right now we’ve got mostly prints, as time goes by we’ll be adding more n more stuff, lots of them exclusively available on our online shop. We can ship worldwide, and shipping’s FREE inside of israel.

Second, as the new shop opens, we are proud to release our first book. we printed it independently in two different editions, one exclusive hardcover signed and numbered to 30 (already sold out..) and another softcover edition of 80. Each of the books have a silkscreen printed cover. the book has 94 pages, showcasing the crew’s works from 2009-2010. walls, posters, sketchbook pages, paintings and more. get yours here

and last, we’re working on some cool projects these days, one of them is GHOSTOWN, which is basically a crew of creative people from Haifa who joined forces.. more info will come later, but remember this name, you’re gonna hear it a lot from now on.