N0 Miracles

3 great bands from Haifa in one evening, come check it out if you’re in the area.. art by Deso!

to all our UK peeps

-we never been to the UK, but if everything goes well we’ll be there during March for an art show and to paint.. the good people form No Way are trying to bring us to do a show in London.. read more here

Happy Hanuka/Xmas

you would think because we’re jewboys and we live in Israel we won’t get to see santa.. but look who i found outside a store in my nighberhood- it’s santa, just like in america!


-homeboy Pilpeled is chilling in Basel for the last few weeks, painting and smoking weed that you can’t find in the middle east.. he made this nice video. mr. Cohen is responsible for the beat..


Tant usually doesn’t talk, but he took some time to answer some questions about painting, friendship, Yoga and drugs.. click here to read the interview.