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Useless ID have a special place in our hearts and in the hearts of anyone who grew up in Haifa where there is nothing to do and no-one to look up to… When we were in High school they were the only kids in our city who didn’t give up and kept doing their thing and traveling the world with it…

Their new album is out now and you should check it out.

Toshio Saeki at Kartel Tel Aviv

Ghostown first worked with the godfather of Japanese erotica Toshio Saeki in 2013, curating two exhibitions in Tel Aviv and London and producing the first ever shirts with Saeki’s artwork.

Now as a special request for the Kartel Tel Aviv, Saeki has sent edition prints for an exclusive flash sale, open and on view from 22-23/6 only.


היום תמות

ביום חמישי בקרטל תל אביב: היום תמות
תערוכת עבודות רקמה וציורים של אונגה שהוצגו באמסטדרם בגלרית אנדנקן.

hayom tamut-POSTER-web

3421- “BIPOLAR”

Our hometown’s ‘bass gypsies’  electric duo 3421 are releasing their debut album “BIPOLAR”  (designed by: KIP )


Dirty drums and heavy basslines are the foundation underlying  a futuristic mix of sounds from 60’s psych rock  to very contemporary spacey harmonies all mixed together LIVE throughout the show.

‘NOT COMING BACK’  is the duo’s first single off the album

Album release shows are on MAY 19 (Pasaz TLV) and MAY 20 (Wunderbar Haifa)  will feature 8 guest musicians on stage for one hell of an experience!poster-final-web Tickets + 12 inch LP vinyl is available on pre-sale HERE