We made a colouring book for kids (and adults), now available to all for free via a download link on our site, so anyone can print it. We hope to provide some distraction and moments of calm during this time. If you would like to buy a hard copy, we have some in our webshop and all the profits will be donated to ‘Women Wage Peace’, a Jewish & Palestinian organisation founded by Vivian Silver, a peace activist who was murdered by Hamas during the 7th October massacre. Silver lived in Kibbutz Beeri, next to the border and used to drive people in need from Gaza for treatment in Israeli hospitals. She understood that more cycles of violence won’t bring safety, and devoted her life to act for a peaceful solution that will end suffering on both sides of the border. RIP Vivian 🕊️

You can Download a free file HERE (just add it to the basket and checkout)

Or buy a hard copy HERE