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-Starting next week, we’re gonna throw a party every fuckin friday at the Syncopa, Down town Haifa. Each weekend we’ll host the best of Israel’s underground DJ’s as well as live visuals by VJ EARO and live painting. here’s the schedule for the next 4 parties


-From their new solo show in SF. how come these guys are always so fresh?! if i had money this is what i would buy..

“More Than” art fest, Beijing

We had the luck to show some of our works in this amazing street art fare in Beijing, that seemed to gather most of China’s writers and street artists. It sucks that we couldnt be there in person. looks like a really cool event with great art and vibes..

pics by our man Uncle:

Uncle’s works:

Some of Rainbow’s handmade dolls:


-This city is fucking crazy

no matter where you look there’s just so many people

We met Uncle on our last visit in China, we painted a wall together in Guangzhou. He lives and work in an old factory with his wife Rainbow – two of them really talented artists, and it was inspiring to see this cool couple.

their studio/apartment

we stayed at their studio. what can be better than sleeping next to a sheetload of paint?

check out their art here- ,its in chinese, but you can see their great works, such as this one:

The guys in Color Addict gave us free tattoos and we made them some drawings for their studio in return