Broken Fingaz is a self-taught art collective founded in Haifa in 2001. Emerging among the first generation of graffiti writers in the Middle East, their work is informed by their region’s physical and political conditions, as much as by an interest in western painting traditions and contemporary popular culture. Their work includes monumental-scale murals, sculpture, painting, installation and animation, and collaborations with musicians including Primus, Pearl Jam, Beck, U2 and The Alchemist.


2022 ‘Studio Goodbye’, Tel Aviv
2022 ‘Book Launch’, Everyday Sunshine, London
2019 ‘Safe Troubles’, Varsi Gallery, Rome
2018 ‘Si Desaparezco, Rompe el Cochinito’, Loot, Zihuatanejo, Mexico
2016 ‘Reality Check’, Varsi Gallery, Rome
2015 ‘You Will Die Today’, Unga at Andenken Gallery, Amsterdam
2015 ‘Journey Galactiko, Howard Griffin Gallery, Los Angeles
2014 ‘Sex Picnic’, MEN Gallery, London
2014 ‘Sex Picnic’, Kartel, Haifa
2013 ‘Bottle Neck’, Urban Spree, Berlin
2012 Inoperable Gallery, Vienna
2012 ‘Crazy Eye Hotel’, The Old Truman Brewery, London


2023 ‘Beyond The Streets’, Saatchi Gallery, London
2022 ‘Talking… & Other Banana Skins’, Urban Nation Museum, Berlin
2022 ‘BACKW12DS’, Backwoods Gallery, Melbourne
2020 ‘Beyond The Streets on Paper’, Southampton Arts Center, NY
2019 ‘Alchemy’, Saatchi Gallery, London
2019 ‘Beyond The Streets’, New York
2019 ‘Seven Days Too Long’, Mirus Gallery, Denver
2018 The Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London
2017 ‘Swimming Pools’, Jealous, London
2017 ‘Shmiricales’, WA Green, London
2017 Drawing Room, Madrid
2017 ‘Unique. United. Unstoppable…’, Urban Nation Museum, Berlin
2017 Hens Teeth, Dublin
2017 ‘The Other Walls’, Haifa
2016 ‘Soft’, Superchief Gallery, Los Angeles
2014 ‘Consequences’, The Qabinet, London
2014 ‘Summer Group Show’, Stolen Space Gallery, London
2012 Lebenson gallery, Paris
2011 ‘Formally Speaking’, Haifa Museum
2011 ‘Inside Job’, Tel Aviv Museum
2007 ‘SGULA’, Finga Prints, Haifa