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Toshio Saeki at Kartel Tel Aviv

Ghostown first worked with the godfather of Japanese erotica Toshio Saeki in 2013, curating two exhibitions in Tel Aviv and London and producing the first ever shirts with Saeki’s artwork.

Now as a special request for the Kartel Tel Aviv, Saeki has sent edition prints for an exclusive flash sale, open and on view from 22-23/6 only.


Birmingham summer


Few days in Birmingham, and an evening in London. Fun times, Thank you Karl, Becci and JolieBrmngm13-sBrmngm5-sBrmngm4-sBrmngm9-sBrmngm7-sBrmngm8-s uk10-suk8-suk9-suk2-s uk3-s uk4-s uk5-s  uk7-s   Brmngm2-s      Brmngm11-s Brmngm12-s

היום תמות

ביום חמישי בקרטל תל אביב: היום תמות
תערוכת עבודות רקמה וציורים של אונגה שהוצגו באמסטדרם בגלרית אנדנקן.

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