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Praying Birds

Download a printing file of the Praying birds poster HERE

And the Salam-Shalom (Peace in Arabic and Hebrew) poster HERE

*To download the files for free – add it to the basket and check out. 



Inbar Haiman, also known by her artist name PINK, is a graffiti writer and art student from our hometown Haifa. She was kidnapped by Hamas from the Supernova music festival on October 7. 

She is part of our community and we need her back here. The world needs more people like her at the moment, young people who want to create not destroy.

We demand of our government to bring the hostages back NOW

#freepink #freeinbar #Bringthemhomenow

I want to write something with hope or a clear statement about what should be done, but the honest truth is I have none at the moment. I only feel deep sadness and pray that this madness will stop before more innocent people lose their lives.