-I  think what makes China such a crazy place is the contrast between how fast it develops and the fact that there is still this sketchy gypsy vibe. When you’re there you understand why they say china’s gonna replace america in a few years, no matter where you look you see new huge projects being built. There is nothing Communist about it besides the fact that there is only one party. and on the other hand, since it’s all happening so fast, you still have this kind of freedom (as long as you don’t speak shit about the government..) that can only be found in undeveloped places.. you can buy weed at the reggae shop at the mall, they still don’t really know what graffiti is in most of the places, and everything is so fucking cheap you can pretty much do anything you want. it was probably the first time in our lives we could actually afford 3 meals a day. happy times. Chengdu-


Our man Gas showed us around