Israel is never a easy place to live.. specially if you’re a person that still believe in peace and human rights… but lately things became even worse with this couple joining evil forces.. I try to pee on them at least 3 times a day, it makes me feel better.



Well, you must be right, these guys are not that kind….. BUT, next time why dont you try to pee on anti-zionists like Ahmed Tibi, which is in your country, protected by the israeli law, and member of the Knesset ? I’m not at all from the “right-left” but when i notice people acting against israelis by supporting hamas and other antisemites scumbags like those, I know who is my REAL enemy. Fortunatly you got bibi to cover your hipster’s ass Mister Fingaz, i’m really fan of you Art Work, but damn…. Im an artist as well and when it comes to talk about politics you should do what i usualy do : I get quiet bro ! OR when you target at the “politician bastards” don’t do it only for the likud or israel be’itenu, do it for everyone ! Especially and mainly for the faggots who just don’t deserv their citizenship. Actually perhaps you want to pay bills rightly to elect people whos gonna chill in the knesset with all the welfare he wants and at the same time promoting the shitty “palestinian resitance” to kill jews like you…. It’s YOUR money do whatever you want, hopefully not all the israelis citizens behave like you. I’m barely sure my comment will not be published but if you got balls answer me. And no matter whats gonna happen someone is going to read MY SHIT ! Shalom Al’ekhem haters.

8er 4realZ

Had a great laugh over the frenchie, i hope it really is a French citizen and not some one who can vote! (an artist it probably ain’t)


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