Music Video for “Get out of your own way” by U2

Official video for “Get out of your own way” by U2.

Was a pleasure to work on this one, as we got complete creative freedom from the band, they explained us their idea of the song and asked as to do whatever we want, and saw it for the first time only when it was finished..

We would like to dedicate this video to Tinoki and to Ru.

big thanks to all our friends that helped us again!


Editing and Post production: Adam Albo

Bangkok: Yona Preminger, London: Will Edgecombe, Haifa: Matan Sivan, Nil Cohen, Yaara Agnon, Fima.

classic animation: Gome Alon

Models built by: Roni Adler, Sai Alon, Kip.

Assistants: David, Asfe, Tommy, Cha Caspi, Viki, Machlin, Bar, Manel, Molly, Phil, Teddy, Amit, Gavriel.

big thanks to: Shai, Sharon, Quimb, Ale, Rami, Tomer, Holly, falafel Sachtein.