We Spend the last 2 months in crazy India. we met amazing gypsies, painted some walls and shoot a video clip for u2.. we got a lot of inspiration from this beautiful rich and dirty culture… here are some pictures from our journey by Yona Preminger:

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U2 Music video

New music video for U2


This is pretty surreal, a week ago we got a phone call from Universal, saying U2 wanted us to create an animation lyric video for their new song “American Soul”  with an intro by Kendrick Lamar and they needed it ready in 7 days (!) We weren’t sure if it was even possible but of course we said yes. As we are all in different places at the moment, we shot it in Haifa, London and Rajasthan.

We teamed up with Adme the genius who we worked with for most of our videos, and shot it all in an intense 4 days, completely DIY…

Hope you enjoy..

big big thanks to all our talented friends that helped like always:

Photographers: India: Yona Preminger, London: Will Edgecombe, Haifa: Matan Sivan, Yaara Agnon

Help with classic animation: Gome Alon, Ignat Rochlin

Friends that helped: Shai, Sharon, Asfe, David, Yota, Simona, Katomi, Adva & Shoufra, Yoni, Quimb, Phil, Ale, Sai, Bar, Manel, Ema, Jake, Aubrey, Edwin, Stour Space