Toshio Saeki

Some works from one of Japan’s godfathers of erotic and violence paintings. This 66 years old artist has the sickest and most amazing prints, inspiring

monkey suit

-new silk screen poster i printed (i made only 10 of them..)

we’re finally workin on the online shop, so hopefully soon it will be available here, along side other shit we will sell..

our neighborhood is special. our neighbors are also special. i’ve been takin paparazzi pictures of this guy for a while,  he’s impressive. no homo.

thats the first tattoo i’ve ever done. i did it on Mickey the genius who scarified his leg, it was the first time i held a machine, came out a little bit sketchy but shit it was really fun..

Keos also did his first tattoo, on Mickeys second leg..

his neck

and now he just sent me his new pussy love palm tattoo… shits funny, americans are crazy..

“Fries” parties

Replacing the oil

new FRIES are served!!! Every fucking Friday at the Syncopa, join us for all your vibes needs! click on the image to view what we’re planning for ya on February..