-we  normally have a lot of gypsies staying at our place, but this week was extra busy.. we hosted 12 german punks. really nice guys that  play in two great hardcore bands – Dead Hand & Pissed Goats and came to play a show in Haifa along the Friday Night Sissy Fight

our homeboy Mikey recently started tattooing and they all wanted a tour tattoo, so we turned my room into a studio

they all got some punkrock tattoos like this rusty nail

and this brilliant one. Falafel and Arak, the two best things about Israhell

at the shows


Mikey getting hyphy

Getting ready for the new year’s eve Rave

we bought the booze from this couple. they know what they’re doin

If the Police close the rave at least we have A LOT of beer…


-some pictures i took in the city since we came back.

the winter just started here but my neighbor doesn’t care he’s still always naked. thank u

we painted some ugly things at the abandoned retirement home

-another session with some homies


-Starting next week, we’re gonna throw a party every fuckin friday at the Syncopa, Down town Haifa. Each weekend we’ll host the best of Israel’s underground DJ’s as well as live visuals by VJ EARO and live painting. here’s the schedule for the next 4 parties

“More Than” art fest, Beijing

We had the luck to show some of our works in this amazing street art fare in Beijing, that seemed to gather most of China’s writers and street artists. It sucks that we couldnt be there in person. looks like a really cool event with great art and vibes..

pics by our man Uncle:

Uncle’s works:

Some of Rainbow’s handmade dolls: