Guangzhou, China

Sorry for not updating too much lately, we really need to get better with all this interweb thing. Here is another wall from our china trip, this one is from Guangzhou, a city with a population of  7 million people, which is more than Israel basically. The whole place look like an apocalyptic city from the future, and was really different from any other place we´ve been to. We did this huge wall (50 meter long) together with the local KAPS crew, Uncle from HK and some other cool writers we met there. thanx guys, for showing us around and letting us taste the weirdest food ever, it was a great week!

Crane Magazine shows our works

The latest issue of Crane magazine is now available online, and we’re participating. Download it and enjoy, one of the freshest magazines I saw in a while, tones of amazing art.

Note that they wrote only my name, but most of the works they show there is collaborations I did with Tant.

Big up Fortes!

If you’re in Beijing between July 25th and September 12th u should defintely check out Fortes Sequeira’s new live painting exhibition – “Off The Wall”.. more details here

798 Beijing – We wanna live here

Here are some flicks from the walls we did at 798 – a really cool art district in Beijing,  stuffed with graffiti, galleries and good people. something like how we wish Massada would become one day.. Thanx to ABS Crew and all the other local writers for the great bench!