We are getting ready for “REALITY CHECK”, our first solo exhibition in Italy. Opening this Friday, at Galleria Varsi in Roma. all new work and some dope new products.. come visit!

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from the press release:

After years experimenting with psychedelics on paper and on their brains, Broken Fingaz Crew check in on reality in an exhibition of all new works at Galleria VARSI, Rome Рtheir first exhibition in Italy.

For the last few months, Deso, Tant and Unga have been playing with new painting techniques, trying to capture their immediate surroundings and to break the “4th wall.” In these new paintings, the artists invite the viewer into a personal, intimate space.

“Reality Check” is presented as a group show, with new series of works by each individual artist in the collective.

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Floris Boersma

Hello BrokenFingaz,

I’m a Dutch student in the Communication&Design area of work. As an assignment I’m creating a magazine about sex and drugs. Your art and other products are stunning, and I think they would do well in our magazine. The theme for our third issue wil be erotic art, could I ask some questions about the erotic pieces of art you have created?

Floris Boersma


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