Monthly Archives: April 2010

Broken Fingaz X PickUp

Tant and I (Unga)  just finished one of the craziest projects we’ve ever done.. PickUp is a chairs company from Israel, they came to us and asked for 10 original drawings for their upcoming catalog, one for every category (Bar Stools, Plastic chairs, Office, etc..). The cool thing was that they where really open minded about the art, giving us a lot of creative freedom..  After 3 months of hard work, this is what we came up with-

New works for “Walled In” Show in Vienna

“Walled In” is an Israeli street art show, opened last week at the INPERAbLE Gallery, Vienna. Other than us, there are works by Ame 72, DoverD, Foma <3, Klone Yourself, Know Hope and zero cents. Here’s some photos of the series of collages we’ve made.

At the studio – after five days with no sleep..

At the show – Hipsters from Europe loves Gypsies from Haifa

PH7 Magazine

Ph7mag is a new middle east based magazine that fucks with your eyes and brain. Updated almost every day,  you can feel that the people behind it write with love and passion to the creative people outside. Check it out!

פי.אייצ’.סבן הוא מגזין אומנות אונליין חדש. הוא מתעדכן כמעט כל יום עם פוסטים מעניינים וראיונות עם אמנים ומסקר את מה שאנשים אוהבים להגדיר כ”אומנות אורבנית”, אחלה מקום להחשף לדברים חדשים, בהחלט מרענן בנוף האתרים המשעממים של ארצנו, חייבים להעריך את מה שהחבר’ה האלה עושים..