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If you’re into printing: we wanna recommend our master printer in Haifa, Yafim, who’s been in the business for more than 30 years. He did a lot of our silk screen prints over the last 5 years, and does incredible work, he’s printed works with 70 layers and more…! If you’re looking for a place to print, we highly recommend him, even if you’re outside of Israel it will probably still work out cheaper (even with shipping…)
Here’s the contact: [email protected]

למי שמעונין להדפיס בדפוס משי – אנחנו רוצים להמליץ בחום על המאסטר דפס שלנו מחיפה – יפים הגאון מתעסק בתחום יותר מ30 שנה ועושה עבודה באיכות שנדיר למצוא בארץ, תתנו



Our Talented and twisted friend Asfe will have his first solo show in Haifa, titled “A Journey Of Self Distraction” . Show opening this thursday – 6.3 at Mirpeset.. Go check it out!


This is ASFE


Lots of things are happening in Haifa this Thursday!

At the Mirpeset, Ghostown are hosting the opening for Ellen G’s exhibition – “Ghetto Classics”. For those who might know her as Sister Ellen (half of the royal soundsystem “MyLord”), This talented lady has donemuch art in the local and universal dub and reggae scene, from posters and album covers (for artists such as Mr. Williamz, , Ranking Joe, Sly & Robbie, Ninjaman, Johnny Osbourne, Mongus Hi-Fi and more) to original crazy oil paintings, which will be featured in this exhibition, presenting the legends and terrors of jamaican ghettos. This opening night will be supported by the local foundation – Kalbata, EasyRider, Guil Rasta and MyLord.

Right next door, A new writers paradise is opening: Hamachsan, owned and managed by Haifa’s veteran KeosOne, will offer Molotov cans, markers, bags, prints and plenty of other shit. so do check it out!

Thursday, 18:00, Balfour x Herzel, HC.

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