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Good bye Tel-Aviv…

I arrived to france couple of days ago for the biannale  “Arts Le Havre 2012″

It was really nice, soon i will put some photos from there..

Thanks Daniel Wechsler for the help and the photos.

TANT & UNGA in Vienna


we painted those quick frames in some really nice spots throughout the city.. no sketch, just a black outline on white frame.. fun fun fun.. it felt so chilled that we kept doing them during day time.. but then after a few got busted ( i must say the cops in Vienna are like Santa Claus compering to the pigs we have in Israel, accept this one mother fucker officer that im sure his grandpa was in the SS and kept yelling at us that we have to speak german in austria…) anyhow, after that we thougt we better take it easy and used the rest of the paint to do this Gif animaion…  more pictures from the road soon….

more pictures from the road soon….