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Deso & Kip in GermanLand

Germany is a hell of a place, and its always crazy for us to see how many friends we have over there. the two walls above were done in Berlin, the first one @ the entrance to the ZMF (sorry TIKA) and the B/W are acrylic paintings at the Atlas Pancakes. thanx to all the german-gypsies. special thanx to Bina for most of the photos above.. adventure time!














So “Le Havre” is a beautiful small town in France, there’s not much happening over there and it was hard to get a piece of hash down there..  but the guys from the biennale were really nice & so were the artists. Thank you.

big up to LUME from poland (A real fuckin gypsy)


A happy massage to all you filthy kids out there – the new issue of SOTT is finally out! in the second issue of Unga’s fanzine, the party continues with more dirty sketches, titties, pictures from the road, and other random stupid stuff. get your copy HERE for 5€….








Vienna opening..

great vibes in Vienna, this city is this summer surprise.. heres some pictures from the opening evening and the show. BigUps to Nick, Natty &  Steffie!