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A happy massage to all you filthy kids out there – the new issue of SOTT is finally out! in the second issue of Unga’s fanzine, the party continues with more dirty sketches, titties, pictures from the road, and other random stupid stuff. get your copy HERE for 5€….








capoeira angola israel

Grupo de Capoeira Semente do Jogo de Angola Israel are doing the
fifth annual gathering with Mestre Jogo de Dentro

…a week of capoeira angola, with workshops, music classes, rodas,  samba de roda and more

“this year we’re dedicating the event to Mestre Joao pequeno who passed away last December.
Mestre Joao Pequeno, disciple of Mestre Pastinha and teacher of our own Mestre Jogo de Dentro,
is a key figure in modern history of Capoeira Angola, a man who dedicated his life to preserve, teach and keep alive
the rich tradition of Capoeira Angola.”

more info at:



2009 gathering

mestre joao pequeno and mestre joao grande, salvador, brazil

some works i did for the group by the years:


painting by yota for the “galo canto” exhibition.





MAKOM EINSOFI מקום אינסופי

“MAKOM ENSOFI” album art by me and Tant for Roee Nachum. we worked on this one on and off for almost a year… the process was really long but interesting  since Roee was really dedicated to it, and was very open minded about the art. here it is-