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So “Le Havre” is a beautiful small town in France, there’s not much happening over there and it was hard to get a piece of hash down there..  but the guys from the biennale were really nice & so were the artists. Thank you.

big up to LUME from poland (A real fuckin gypsy)


A BBQ wall i painted in Osaka with legendary writer CASPER.  loved the city and the vibes.. felt like I’ve reached the Haifa of Japan.. big up to the CMK…

so as you can see, lately the gypsies have been spread all over the place, and after 2 hardcore years of traveling together (and working, living, sleeping together. no homo) we took some time to travel separately…. until we’ll meet together for the next project (can’t really  tell you what it is but it’s gonna be nice…) WORD