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Ukranian refugee fundraiser


״The Bird”

This new screenprint is based on our recent mural in Belgium. All proceeds from the sale will go to refugees from the Russian war on Ukraine.

There are only 120 copies, signed and numbered. 75 euros each and we will ship them for free worldwide. ✌🏽


***Update*** Sold Out. thanks to anyone who supported

Y/Our Story

‘Y/Our Story’, Cape Town, February 2022

We were invited to paint a mural as part of the annual @ipaf_festival_sa in Cape Town. It was an opportunity for us to research the history and present of this complex city, especially since comparisons are often made between the Israeli occupation and apartheid in South Africa. While it would be an oversimplification to compare the two situations, both stem from a deeply entrenched system of injustice. We wanted to explore the power of political narratives and the way they’re reinforced by governments, and the moments throughout history when the public, through actions like protest, forced cracks in this dominant story, ultimately cause it to crumble. The mural is based on archival images from both South Africa and Israel.

Big thanks to @gumaranks@therealpakal

Obsessive Thoughts

‘Obsessive Thoughts’
Hand-painted Jesmonite
Edition of 30
25.5 x 13.5 x 7 cm

“Obsessive Thoughts”, a new sculptural mask by Unga, made in collaboration with Varsi Art & Lab and ADP Studio. The original clay piece by Unga was cast in Jesmonite and thirty editions were painted entirely by hand by ADP Studio.

Available at Varsi Art & Lab. 

A well-known Zen parable tells the story of two monks, one old, one young. They come to a river with a strong current, where they meet a young woman who is unable to get across alone and asks the monks for help. The monks live by a sacred vow to never touch women; yet the older monk goes to her aide, carrying her over the water to the other side. The two monks continue on their way, but the young monk can’t stop thinking about the fact the elder has broken his vow. Possessed by this thought, eventually, it gets the better of him until he can’t contain the question any longer: “Why did you carry that woman when we have taken a vow?”

The elder replies. “I left her on the river bank. Why are you still carrying her?”