Monthly Archives: November 2011

the book is sold out!

the second addition of our new book is also sold out! thanx for every one who ordered and supported..we’re sorry if you waited too long for your package, we’re new with all this shipping thing and doing it by ourselves, but we’re starting to get it right…  we’re gonna print another addition soon so there will be another chance to get it if you missed this one… thanx! the fingaz


this is definitely one of the artists we listen to the most while workin in our studio .. this guy is always inspiring.. and finally he’s coming to play a show in Telaviv next month…can’t wait to see him live.. check out this lecture he gave-

Lecture: DOOM (Madrid 2011) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.


חזרנו עכשיו מהביקור היומי אצל אום שאקר, מקדיש לה את השיר הזה. באסה שאלפרברוס מאה אחוז כותנה כבר לא עושה ראפ, אחד האמסיז המגניבים שהיו פה…


some pictures we took during our work on the installation for Tel Aviv Art Museum