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Graffiti Camp

Last month we went to Bat-Yam for three days of sun, sweat and paint in a new gallery on the beach. we worked there with Foma, Know Hope, Zero Cents and Klone for the gallery opening with the exhibition ”Built to Last”. Thanx to Raz for organizing the whole thing, and to Shmuel for the pics. (they allready painted  the walls white so don’t bother go there..)


Finally we got some photos of the work we did for the Haifa Museum group show.. it’s basically a poster made from 6 layers of paintings on wood,  inside a 2.5/1.5 meter wooden box… was really fun to make, thanx once again to all the good friends who dropped by our studio and helped.. pictures by Matan “hagever” Sivan


We stayed a few days in Neuchâtel, Switzerland and painted some walls in a cool spot called KazaShox .we got only one picture, but more soon