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New Years eve party by Ghostown, ft. The Bug (Ninja Tune, UK) and 8 of the finest local dj’s, check out more details (in Hebrew) HERE. pre order a ticket HERE.

שבוע הבא גוסטאון מארגנים מסיבת סילבסטר די משוגעת בחיפה, כולל
מנינג’ה טיון, The Bug
ועוד 8 מהדיג’יים הכי טובים באיזור.
מומלץ ביותר, מספר המקומות מוגבל מאוד אז שוה להגיע מוקדם (22:30) ולשריין כרטיס כאן



Next Saturday, BFC join forces with Raw Tapes, Ghostown & Michatronix for an exclusive night in Tel Aviv-
On the menu – 3421 ft. Miss Red & Buttering Trio’s live shows, sets by Mesh, Galo & Bunny On ACid, and a brand new wall by us! don’t miss this arousing collaboration!!!


Tonight, Our homey Kof Tevet is dropping the bomb once again with obscure and heavy hip hop. on the menu – Digital_Me, PlayDead, Dj Mesh and an opening set by the residents – Futuristikidz. fun starts 23:30 at the WunderBar. boom!

poster by Kip.

capoeira angola israel

Grupo de Capoeira Semente do Jogo de Angola Israel are doing the
fifth annual gathering with Mestre Jogo de Dentro

…a week of capoeira angola, with workshops, music classes, rodas,  samba de roda and more

“this year we’re dedicating the event to Mestre Joao pequeno who passed away last December.
Mestre Joao Pequeno, disciple of Mestre Pastinha and teacher of our own Mestre Jogo de Dentro,
is a key figure in modern history of Capoeira Angola, a man who dedicated his life to preserve, teach and keep alive
the rich tradition of Capoeira Angola.”

more info at:



2009 gathering

mestre joao pequeno and mestre joao grande, salvador, brazil

some works i did for the group by the years:


painting by yota for the “galo canto” exhibition.






This weekend we host 5 acts from one of our favorite hip hop labels – RawTapes. With tons of releases and collaborations through the past years, their sound captures the best in trap, glitch and trip hop. Experience the beats madness this Friday at the WunderBar. its bigger than Hip Hop